Our Brands

Fruzio for all occasions…

The Fruzio brand was launched seven years ago. Today Fruzio is a well-established and very successful national brand of frozen fruits and vegetables, premium fruit puree and syrups, for both retail and food service customers. Fruzio frozen fruits are different from other brands in the market.

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The perfect foundation for world flavours…

We are the exclusive importer of Mission Foods in New Zealand. Originally founded in 1977 (USA), Mission Foods is currently one of the largest suppliers of tortillas in the world with over one hundred manufacturing sites worldwide.

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Great taste of Americas…

The philosophy behind Rio Dolores products is genuinely healthy food with fresh blended flavours. The Rio Dolores products are conveniently packed in 250g glass jar for the home cooking enthusiast and 1kg PET bottle for food service professional.

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