Launched in 2005, Fruzio was our very first foray into supermarkets. This Kiwi favourite has gone from strength to strength and is now the top selling frozen fruit brand in New Zealand. When launching Fruzio, our goal was to ensure fruit and veggies were available and affordable year round, an ethos that rings true to this day.

Goodness Kitchen

Goodness Kitchen was built on the promise of delivering honesty via ethically and socially responsible products. Goodness Kitchen sources fruit from major NZ fresh suppliers and imports internationally from certified organic farms. 

Goodness Kitchen consists of Certified Organic, New Zealand and Premium Harvest ranges. Most recently in 2023, Goodness Kitchen Choc Bites became the latest innovation to the freezer aisle. Pineapple, Strawberries, Cherries and NZ Blueberries snap-frozen the single dipped in smooth dark vegan chocolate.  

The Berry Fix

The Berry Fix is the new kid on the block. Introduced in 2021, this value brand provides quantity without compromising on quality - all at an affordable price. 

Mission Foods

Mission Foods brings authentic Mexican flavours to New Zealand. From tortilla wraps to more traditional gluten-free corn tortilla to unfried or prefried corn chips Mission products offer unbeatable flavour and are the perfect base to build a menu around. Products are conveniently frozen-packed. 

Barnicoat Range

Created specifically for our Food Service customers, Barnicoat Range is a selection of quality frozen fruit and vegetables sourced from quality suppliers across the globe. The brand name Barnicoat Range was inspired by our local mountain range in Nelson, one that we all love to explore!